Facilities management is a big industry and often presents a complex operation across multiple sites with a high turnover of people and a large coverage area. Remote Data Collection presents an ideal scenario allowing essential operational data and safety systems to be monitored in real-time, saving time and ultimately costs.

Overview: COMPANY E specialises in testing, field monitoring and sampling of environmental conditions and is responsible for data collection at industrial sites as well as the continual maintenance and operation of engineering equipment and infrastructure throughout the UK. The Plymouth Park treatment works presented an ideal opportunity for a remote monitoring pilot with the Industreweb team, to observe data coming from a number of environmental monitoring assets and take necessary actions to alert engineers or take remedial action.

Technologies Used: Allen Bradley PLC, Industreweb Data Platform, Industreweb Display

Machine Protocols: Modbus, OPC-UA, MSQL

Approach: The Water Treatment works comprises of different environmental sensors, control valves and pumps that need to be checked for operational status and readings taken several times a day to ensure that gas and other contaminant levels are within safe parameters. Working closely with the Industreweb team, engineers at COMPANY E designed a bespoke graphical dashboard using the built-in Industreweb Display to present the information required, along with critical alerting levels, which would reduce the requirements for onsite engineer visits. SMS messaging was also set up to trigger alerts from the Industreweb platform to the engineers’ mobile phones should a problem occur.

Timestamped data from the on-site equipment is captured using the Industreweb Data Platform (Edge Device) and pushed via MQTT to the onboard broker and stored in an SQL database which in turn, synchronises with the remote (Cloud-based)  dashboard, ensuring a robust and consistent flow of auditable data is available to the remote engineering team.