There is an Industreweb license to suit every application, whether you are carrying out a pilot and want core functionality, or whether you want to manage an entire production line, or an entire plant. See the pricing table below to compare versions:

If you simply want to capture data from your process and bring it into the Industreweb ecosystem, Solo IoT is perfect for your needs,
Link with up to 10 devices, add bespoke logic, and visualise through the integrated dashboards - Solo is the ideal way to start your Industry 4 journey.
With support for up to 50 devices, and able to manage other Industreweb Nodes, Sentinel allows you to start a joined up approach to future manufacturing.
Enterprise is the natural progression for your Digital Manufacturing journey. Manage all your Sentinel and Solo nodes in one place.
Industreweb Cloud allows all you devices to managed securely between sites, and enable you to monitor you processes KPIs whenever you are off site.
Automatically boot to full screen Display Dashboards and manage remotely, perfect for Andon Boards and other Shopfloor visualisations.
  Solo IoT Solo Sentinel Enterprise
Logic Engine  
Device Connectors 10 10 25 10
Max. Data Points 100 100 500 100
Manage other Nodes     5 50
Data Dashboards   10 50 500
Data Aggregator    
Pricing £3499 + VAT £3999 + VAT £4999 + VAT £10999 + VAT
Industreweb User Journey
Typical Industreweb Application