Energy Monitoring is a critical part of manufacturing, both to support the drive for NetZero operations and to save money or improve quality in the production process. There are many field devices for environmental monitoring, but when it comes to monitoring both legacy equipment and modern equipment in a hostile environment, this can be difficult to achieve with the currently available technology.

Overview: Working with COMPANY C, Industreweb was commissioned to build a bespoke machine monitoring system for a number of legacy and digital machines connected together within a demonstration cell. The objective was to monitor power consumption and other data from the different vendor machines during resting and production to create a single dashboard view of the cell’s power usage and ultimately, its carbon footprint.

Technologies used: DMG Mori DMU 125, Cosen Bandsaw, Industreweb Data Platform, PCIDAS Smart Monitor, Industreweb Display.

Machine Protocols: MTConnect, OPC-UA

Approach: The demonstration cell was contained within the COMPANY C digital factory with limited access to the internet and contained a variety of legacy machines and digital devices. The Industreweb Platform (Edge Device) was located in the server room and connected locally to the machines using its own internal shopfloor network. Due to restricted access to the internet, the Global Administration Tools were deployed on-premise, keeping the data contained within the COMPANY C facility. Smart Power Monitors containing sensors to capture status, current and temperature where overlaid on the older equipment, whilst the more advanced DMG Mori was connected directly via its PLC. The data from the machines and smart monitor was captured and pushed via MQTT to the on-board broker on the Industreweb Platform and pulled into the bespoke dashboarding tools in the on-board Display module.