Industreweb has so many potential applications its impossible to describe its potential in just a few minutes.

But - we've given it a go!

Introducing the Industreweb Data Integration platform is Gash Bhullar, Simon Osborne and Rachel Davies.

This video and more is available on our YouTube channel 


Adding Industreweb to your factory involves deploying Solo or Sentinel nodes, which can either be in existing control cabinets, or when supplied in Turn Key format it comes in a cabinet with all you need pre-installed.

If you need Industreweb Sentinel installed in a server Rack its also available in that format.

Supply comms, supply power, and thats all you need to begin your Digital Manufacturing Journey.


The Industreweb platform comprises a suite of components, with the Collect Runtime at its heart. Industreweb has been designed from the ground up to be future proof and flexible, so you can feel confident that investing in Industreweb as your Digital Manufacturing backbone will be risk free.

New devices, or new ways of working on the horizon for your business? No problem, these can be added. Give us a call to discuss your needs, or visit our Wiki if you need technical answers.

Admin Tools

Every aspect of Industreweb can be set up and rolled out using the Industreweb Global Admin tools. These can be accessed securely from any browser enabled device.

Set up Connectors to all your devices, specify the data you want to monitor or orchestrate, and deploy as part of the comprehensive audit trail.