Industreweb Collect enables connection to virtually any device or system in your factory, allowing you monitor it in real-time, and orchestrate with other devices to achieve productivity gains.

To do this, Collect has a library of over 43 Connector types ranging from control systems, remote I/O, smart sensors, office file formats, databases, internet and the cloud.

With Industreweb you avoid silos of data, connect everything using one common framework.

Connectivity available:

  • PLC Protocols: OPC UA, OPC DA, native protocols for Siemens S7, Allen Bradley and Omron
  • Industrial Data Bus: Ethernet/IP, Modbus IP & RTU
  • Smart Tooling: Open Protocol
  • IoT: MQTT, AMQP, Zigbee, Z-Wave
  • Web & Cloud: REST, Web Socket, TCP Socket
  • Robotics: ROSBridge, Universal Robots
  • Asset Tracking: Ubisense, Wiser
  • Files: Excel, CSV, JSON, XML