Getting a complete picture of your production processes is vital, in order to be able to identify bottlenecks and errors and truly optimise your products. All production assets, from your machines and materials to your operators and tools have an impact on how well you meet environmental targets and how cost-efficiently you can create your products. Full product traceability is a key component to sustainable production.

Overview: Modular construction is at the forefront of modern sustainable building techniques and COMPANY A is leading the charge in Wales. Working closely with the Industreweb team, COMPANY A have commissioned a pilot project on their main production line to lay the foundations for a full life-cycle traceability system, enabling them to understand the full cost of production, using the Industreweb Asset Management module to link materials to orders and orders to assets, to track their progress throughout the shopfloor.

Technologies used: Zebra Scanners, Beckhoff PLC, Industreweb Data Platform, Industreweb Asset Management, Industreweb Display.

Approach: Using state-of the-art barcode scanners and machine data coming from the PLCs, the Industreweb Data Platform (Edge Device) captures the movements of each panel as it moves through the assembly stations and records vital information at the point of production which can be attributed to each asset (machine or product) and stored against the order. Batches of raw materials will be assigned to production recipes and allocated to customer orders through the company’s ERP software. Industreweb’s built-in asset management module with the Global Administration Tools orchestrates the dataflow between each stage of the production process to create an auditable record of each build, allowing COMPANY A to ascertain the true cost of production in terms of materials, time and energy consumption.

Machine Protocols: EtherCat, OPC-UA, Aurora.